Use Zoom Safely! - No Zoombombing or Uninvited Guests (2020)

Use Zoom Safely! – No Zoombombing or Uninvited Guests (2020)


Use Zoom Safely! – No Zoombombing or Uninvited Guests (2020)  – Recently using Zoom Video Conferencing to conduct Distance Learning has come under fire, as stories of “Zoombombing” – the practice of hacking into a class meeting and posting something inappropriate for students to see – went viral.


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Use Zoom Safely! - No Zoombombing or Uninvited Guests (2020)Some educators support switching to a new platform, like Microsoft Teams or Google Meet, while others want to continue to using Zoom, since teachers, parents and students know how to use it. In my opinion, there is no video conferencing website that is un-hackable and teachers can make mistakes moderating online classes no matter what software they are using. Zoom made changes that took effect April 5, 2020, which make using Zoom for education a lot safer.

There are also settings and strategies educators can use to conduct lessons using Zoom safely. That is what is covered here. In this video I walk you through some important settings to use, to prevent uninvited guests from entering your meetings with students and prevent students or other guests from sharing anything without approval of the host or teacher.

At the end I give you some tips on “Virtual Classroom Management”.

Let me know what I missed, what other strategies you use to keep your Zoom meetings safe and secure and what topics I should cover next. Leave a comment under this video and I will respond. And don’t forget to smash that LIKE button, Subscribe and Ring the Bell.



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