CYBERSKY is an educational brand, under the parent company STAIRS ACADEMY, that symbolizes all things digital, stories, photos, art, music, film, television, radio, podcasts, distance learning, online gaming and more.

CYBERSKY VIDEOS is a channel for educational tutorials, interviews, documentaries and podcasts on a range of topics, including Technology, Crypto, NFT’s, Education, Health & Fitness and Rubik’s Cube. @CyberskyVideos lives on Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and Facebook.

 So “Welcome to the Cybersky, let’s learn something!”



About Mr. sibirsky

It is no surprise that Graeme Sibirsky (-aka- Mr. Cybersky) became a musician and educator. His father and step-mother (Charles & Vita Sibirsky), the co-directors of Slope Music, are musicians and teachers. His mom, Gaye Leslie, taught Typing and ran a business called “The Magic Typewriter”.

As a child, Graeme picked up a number of musical instruments, eventually specializing in Jazz, Blues and Classical flute and piano. Witnessing the birth of Hip Hop, he also grew up MCing, DJing and producing under the stage name “GMS”.

Along the way, he learned web development, graphic design, digital marketing, video editing, music production and studio engineering which gave him insight into the intersection between education, technology and music. This led to a career working for the NYC Department of Education as a Music & Tech teacher for 25 years.

Mr. Sibirsky taught at PS 276 in Canarsie, Brooklyn, for 9 years, where he developed the first Music & Tech curriculum for the NYC DOE. In 2007, he joined Arts & Letters )now Arts & Letters 305 United), a middle school in Brooklyn, which later expanded to grades K – 8.

Working at small, innovative schools allows Mr. Sibirsky to pass on his knowledge of the subjects he is most passionate about – Music, Technology and Performing Arts in general, to future generations. He is also the schools Technology Coordinator (S.P.O.C), has Educational Technology Specialist and School Building Leader certifications.

Mr. Sibirsky has given professional development workshops on Music, Technology, Blended Learning, Google Classroom, Zoom conferencing and how to teach using Rubik’s Cubes and taught a college level course for teachers, called “Teaching Poetry Writing to Young Learners in the 21st Century” through Rockland County and NYS Teacher Centers.

In 2016, Graeme founded STAIRS ACADEMY, an  educational nonprofit, which offers workshops and Internship programs for college students, and creates educational video content under the brand “Cybersky Videos”. He continues to teach and mentor young people and hopes he can share what he’s learned, help them find their voice, achieve their goals and dreams.

So, “Welcome to the Cybersky – let’s learn something!”