Quicktime For Screen Recording - Easy Peasy! (2020)

Quicktime For Screen Recording – Easy Peasy! (2020)


Welcome to the CYBERSKY … LET’S LEARN SOMETHING! Using Quicktime For Screen Recording (Easy Peasy!) is an excellent way to record what you are doing on your computer, create a tutorial, a lesson for students, a presentation for work, a video for Tik Tok, Youtube or Instagram and much more. The possibilities are endless.

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Since I was demonstrating Quicktime Screen Recording, I couldn’t actually use it to record this tutorial. What I did is set up my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on a tripod in front of my MacBook actually film my screen. You can see the improvement in quality when I play back the actual Quicktime Screen Recordings I made.

Quicktime For Screen Recording - Easy Peasy! (2020)Screen recording using Quicktime is much better than filming your screen with a camera. Let me know what was helpful and what I could explain better. I am relatively new at this, building my channel one video at a time.

If you have questions about Quicktime or any other software you would like me to do a video about, let me know in the comments. Don’t forget to SMASH the Like button, Subscribe and ring that bell, so we can influence the Youtube ALGORITHM and get these videos seen by more people.



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