WandaVision = The Matrix - Let's Talk About It! | RANT #1

WandaVision = The Matrix – Let’s Talk About It! | RANT #1

I was doing all this analysis and discussion of the hit TV series WandaVision when suddenly it hit me – I know why the show is striking such a chord with viewers – or do I?

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WandaVision = The Matrix - Let's Talk About It! | RANT #1

In this WandaVision Matrix Rant I talk about the allure and relatability of these farfetched characters, due to what I think of as The Matrix syndrome – the underlying belief that somehow we are living in a simulation and are not sure if it is being controlled by someone outside ourselves or if we are actually causing everything to happen. Let’s Talk About It! Let me know if I am right or if you have your own theory!

Also, how did you like Episode 9? Crazy, or CRAZY?!

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