Just Jazz with Pop: Pennies From Heaven (Charles & Graeme Sibirsky)

Just Jazz with Pop: Pennies From Heaven (Charles & Graeme Sibirsky) is Charles & Graeme Sibirsky playing Jazz and Blues on Piano and Flute in the Garden in front of Slope Music, where you can sign up for private music lessons – jazz, classical, pop – on most instruments and voice, beginner through advanced jazz theory and interpretation. In this clip, the father and son duo play a classic Jazz Standard “Pennies From Heaven”.

Just Jazz With Pop: Pennies From Heaven

It was the first time they’d played outside of the house, since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Graeme set up his phone and went Live on Facebook. After some friends shared it as a “Watch Party” the event reached thousands of people, with no advance notice or promotion. 


Now the footage is on youtube, so that more people can spend the day with us and this wonderful moment, father and son, one family’s engagement with the community, during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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Added to the footage is all the beautiful comments and conversations going on throughout the Facebook Live event. Please excuse the pixelation and wind and enjoy the music, sunshine the sounds of Brooklyn! Enjoy a great day with us! … 

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Full Concert: 

⏩ Just Jazz with Pop! (Graeme & Charles in the Garden) https://youtu.be/wIGLWdNYpLk 

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