On CYBERSKY PODCAST: EPISODE 2 we will be playing 10 pieces of theme music, while our special guests and people in the chat and comments help decide what the new CYBERSKY PODCAST Theme Music will be, for our intros and outros.  

The CYBERSKY PODCAST, which airs Sundays at 4pm, is the brainchild of Musician, Technologist, Martial Artist and Educator Graeme Sibirsky, who currently teaches Music and Technology in a public school in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. An innovator in online and blended learning, Graeme has been crucial to helping teachers, administrators, students and families leverage digital technology to continue to make gains in education, despite the current health crisis.

He also makes beats! You will hear some of them in this Episode. The podcast covers topics from Technology, Health & Fitness and Martial Arts, to Rubik’s Cubes and other toys and puzzles. We also talk about TV Shows, Movies and other water cooler topics. You can find live jazz, software tutorials, Rubik’s Cube solutions and other useful things on the Channel, so Subscribe, Ring the Bell and browse our topics. You know the motto, “Welcome to the Cybersky, let’s learn something!”

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