4 Ways To Honor Mom (During A Pandemic) 2020


In today’s episode we are going to learn about

4 Ways To Honor Mom (During A Pandemic) 2020

on Mother’s Day, followed by a tribute to my mom at the very end. So stick around and Welcome to the Cybersky – let’s learn something!

Mother’s Day is different for me this year. First, because we are under “Stay at Home” Social Distancing rules and second, because my mother just passed away one month ago to the day, April 10, 2020, due to the Coronavirus.

4 Ways To Honor Mom (During A Pandemic) 2020At first I hesitated to share something so personal on the channel, but I decided to, because I feel that my story is a lot of people’s story, having lost a loved one during the Covid-19 pandemic, while hospitals and nursing homes are under lockdown and funeral homes are so overwhelmed that often there is no way to have a traditional funeral or even a memorial gathering. We are forced to think outside the box (pun intended) in terms of tributes, burials and ways to honor the memory of a loved one.

I came up with four ways to honor someone, which last for many years, potentially forever, two of which can be useful to honor someone while they are living, let’s say for a birthday or anniversary, and one which is specifically for when someone passes away and you are unable to, or don’t want to, proceed with a traditional burial and funeral service.

Make sure you watch the video for full instructions and to see why each way is unique and special. At the end, I play an example of a video slide show – a tribute to my mom, Gaye Leslie – using one of the techniques I describe.

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My next four videos will go into more detail on each one of the 4 Ways, so be sure to Subscribe and ring the bell for notifications, so you wont miss those. Meanwhile, let’s engage in the comments.

Have you lost one to Covid-19 (confirmed or suspected) or to another illness that put them in a hospital or nursing and rehab facility, where you couldn’t visit them in their last days?

How did you arrange for burial or cremation?

Did you have a small memorial or funeral service or were you unable to?

Are you planning on having one when the social distancing / shut down is lifted?

What do you envision?

What are some ways you have found to pay tribute and let friends and family pay respects?

On a lighter note: What Apps for creating video slide shows with music do you use?

What are some ways to honor our mother’s, while living or after they have transitioned?

What are some games you play when Zooming with family?

Today for a Mother’s Day Zoom with my dad, step-mom, sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews we played Heads Up through Zoom, but it didn’t work that well because it is hard to make out what people are shouting on Zoom. Then we played Double Ditto with paper and pencils. That worked well and was a fun game. Thanks to my sister Karen for facilitating!

Please give me ideas for next week’s video in the comments!

Thank you!

Stay safe and healthy.




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