HEALTH BENEFITS OF ESS60 PT 2 (WHY I AM TAKING MyVitalC) answers a question asked in the comments of the first video. “What are you taking MyVitalC for.? I’m interested in trying it. Is this something you would recommend for specific ailments?” ___________________________________________________________________*If you want to try this Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory supplement for yourself, use my code and get a $15 discount when you spend $45 or more.




HEALTH TALK: ESS60 (WHY I AM TAKING MyVitalC) PT 2In my new series #HealthTalk, I am conducting a personal trial of the product MyVitalC, which contains ESS60 + Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. In Pt 1, I unbox it, explain ESS60 (a version of C60, a form of Carbon), formulated for human consumption and it’s many benefits.

But WHY am I taking it? What are the health problems I experience that I hope ESS60 will be helpful with? This is a deep dive into my personal health issues, what attracted me to MyVitalC and made me want to try it in the first place.

Pt 3 will be the conclusion, where I tell you how I feel after taking MyVitalC, 5ml a day for 30 days and if I have felt any positive effects in any of the areas discussed. Subscribe and Ring the Bell for notifications, so you don’t miss that video when it drops. ******************************************************************************************* SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL: ******************************************************************************************* During this video I open and take a dose (5ml/1 tsp) of MyVitalC from the single shot travel pack, which comes in packs of 30 individual doses, so you can throw it in your bag, give some to a friend or travel with it more easily, as they are small enough individual tubes to be taken on a plane.

In a study available at, animals given ESS60 lived nearly twice as long as those given the placebo. According to recent studies, ESS60 in Olive Oil has the potential to double lifespan and offers numerous other health benefits. It is considered one of the Top 5 Antioxidants You Should Be Taking.

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This video features a brief mention of legendary Brooklyn born, Hung Gar and 7 Star Mantis Sifu Carl Albright.

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