The (Complete) HISTORY of RUBIK’S CUBE – Pt1

The (Complete) HISTORY of RUBIK’S CUBE – Pt1.

Premiere of my new RUBIK’S CUBE SERIES on Cybersky Videos! followed by The [Complete] HISTORY of RUBIK’S CUBE – Pt 2 right after!

You know my motto – Let’s learn something! I am a teacher who has been using Rubik’s Cube in the classroom for about 3 years. I solved the cube once as a kid, but now in my 40’s have a renewed appreciation for this mathematical puzzle! While learning various methods of solving 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, 2x2x3, 2x3x3, X-Cube and other puzzles, I did a lot of youtube surfing, looking for answers.

The (Complete) HISTORY of RUBIK'S CUBE - Pt1

I noticed that a lot of Histories of the Cube on youtube are entertaining and give the basics, but did not go into as much depth as I wanted. So I set out to make a “complete” history. Of course mine is not complete either or else it would be a 9 hour video! But I did include several things I thought other videos left out.


Because it is so detailed I used animation, effects and some existing video footage (used with permission or Creative Commons), to try to keep it engaging. I hope you like it. Please watch Pt 2 and then let me know what I got wrong or left out, so I can add it into a future video. Pt 3 coming soon. (Hopefully next Sunday).


This is COLLEGE LEVEL – not kid’s stuff! Thank you for supporting my channel. More Cube videos with solutions, tutorials, explanations, reviews, puzzles and history on the way!

Cubing is just one of my topics. I also have tutorials on technology, martial arts, health and nutrition and have a podcast show in development, coming soon.  


The (Complete) HISTORY of RUBIK’S CUBE – Pt1

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